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Welcome to e-MILang

The e-MiLang action aims at the collection, development, digitization and organization of information, oriented on satisfying the living needs of the most populous immigrant groups in Greece, and the dissemination of such material through electronic means, to support the smooth adaptation and integration process of targeted groups of immigrants in Greek society and state.

The informative digital content developed under the e-MiLang will consist of the following:

  • 9 bilingual dictionaries (from Greek to each of the languages Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Polish, Chinese-Mandarin, Arabic and English)
  • 9 bilingual (Greek and each of the support languages) issue-guides that will inform and guide immigrants in their dealings with the government, while including a number of other useful information,
  • bilingual issues (Greek and each of the support languages) with information to help immigrants in their familiarization with the broader cultural and social context of Greece.

For the availability of such content, the following are developed:

  • a multilingual, multimedia website capable of providing personalized and interactive digital services including advanced mechanisms of search and information retrieval
  • a windows-independent and multilingual software application in DVD-ROM form, which will convey the content and site functionality locally on users' computers (for those who have no Internet connection).